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throwaway wrote

  • Support a Free Software project, either with your programming skillz or funding
  • Follow in the footsteps of No Fun Friday, become a 1337 antifa haxer
  • Put up stickers and posters in your city
  • Smash surveillance cameras with a hammer, or put stickers over them (I use 'Stop Control' stickers from a local anarchist space)
  • Help the poor in your area (just avoid making it some kind of marketing for anarchism - just help to help, nothing more)
  • Grab your guitar and go play some anarchist songs on the street
  • Print some zines, go to a busy place and hand them out
  • Try going vegetarian or vegan (remember, all change starts with yourself)
  • Join protests and other movements in your city or cities close to you (there's plenty, trust me)