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rot wrote

Are you 14 year old me?


this_one wrote

This, to me, reads more like the opening sentences of a (not great) essay, rather than a definition of a term. Also, it's not a good definition. It'd be like me defining gender roles by saying, "Gender roles are an awful, awful idea. They harm men, women and people of other (or no) gender(s) each in unique ways all without serving any significant benefit in our society."

A better, actually useful, definition of gender roles might look more like, "Gender roles are a system of of societal rules, expectations, and norms put upon and reinforced by the members of that society." and then might also include a few examples from across different cultures and genders. Or you could just steal the first sentence or two from the wikipedia article. Oh, hey, look at that! There's an article on government, too


disfalo wrote (edited )

*libertys* → liberties

Why do you relate a continent (America) to the term "government"?


ziq wrote

It's more like the infected tonsils of America.