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thekraken wrote (edited )

I think part of the issue is due to how it is presented. At face value, someone (who has white skin) seeing comments about 'White genocide' - which is commonly used as a joke - for the first time will take it literally. They don't understand that White isn't a race, and that 'Whiteness' is a social construct. They think that it is a racist attack on them due to their skin colour. (The irony of that is a whole other topic). I don't have any solution to that, and I'm not going to go around telling oppressed people how they can and can't joke about their situation, but it helps to understand why people react the way they do.


ziq wrote

The thing is tho, it's always explained to them but their tantrum only gets worse.


thekraken wrote

Well, at that point, fuck 'em. Ignorance can be understood and solved through education. Idiocy cannot.