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GaldraChevaliere wrote

It still kind of galls me when Irish and Italian diaspora cling to privilege handed down to us by our own oppressors and mortal enemies, like the English or Spanish had any transcendental power to elevate others to anything but their stupid imperialist club, or that the qualities they ascribed to us out of convenience (namely being dumb enough to keep fighting loyally for their little empires) should be anything to aspire to.

Like, you'd think that in the current climate we'd be embracing our pre-colonial cultures and actively taking a stand with other folk against the people who've been trying to exterminate us since 1100 with literally the only break in it being the past thirty years, but then if you'd ask half the assholes I know back in New England they'd be crying about how they're 'better' and 'worked harder', and they have the fucking nerve to want to actually be part of the white club. Like, how the fuck do you disrespect your ancestors so badly to join hands with their murderers not even out of pragmatism but out of staunch fucking ego?

If you want to kill whiteness or at least opt out of it, you can't just stop at saying "well I'm irish, I had it bad too." You have to actually take steps to do that. You have to actively abdicate that privilege and undermine it everywhere you can, even knowing that you're not going to be held up like some radiant (but still subservient to the 'real' whites, never forget that) angel with intrinsic virtue, and that people of color still aren't going to like you until you prove you're not just doing this to slum it. Learn your own mother language, wear your own traditional clothing instead of someone else's. Use the fact that white people perceive you as part of the gang to get in close and ruin racist projects or run distraction for PoC comrades.