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radmenacer OP wrote

If anyone called it "blackness", i would imagine most people would see why its racist.

um see f/blackness

black supremacy is an issue

You are insinuating reverse racism ( which is not really a thing )...

I still don't think the term "whiteness" is a good term. "White supremacy" or "systematic racism" seem to be better.

...and caping for a separation of whiteness and systemic white oppression, without consideration that one relies on the other.

You are in essence arguing from a reactionary platform due to a fundamental misunderstanding of some cornerstones in revolutionary theory. For one racism is defined as systemic oppression and can only be fully executed when one majority class has the power (and representation) to use institutions against a minority.

More importantly, your definition of intersectionality is not nuanced. Your comments seem to hint that it is all inclusive, when the original intention and accurate definition is "an analytical framework which attempts to identify how interlocking systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in society" the key word being most marginalized.

Also, "whiteness" doesn't fit the situation in South Africa

I am ignorant over what you are referring to as black supremacy in Africa, but it honestly sounds like a dog whistle. If you are reading stories about this, it may help to shift your perspective to one of anti-colonialism in order to gain a little insight. Remember apartheid is still happening in the world, and many native peoples are struggling to take their land back from neo-colonial governments and corporations all across the world. These entities have a vested interest in running the narrative that whites consume and I would expect them to use this "black supremacist boogeyman" tactic to manufacture consent. (As they did vs black panthers )