Shane: an undercover cop in Hamilton, ON

Submitted by nosho18 in Anarchism

He was here – on and off – for about 2 years, first appearing in the Summer of 2016.

His name is “Shane”.

That’s his undercover name, and his real name. “Shane Bond”, is what he told us – with “us” being the different communities and circles in Hamilton he tried to infiltrate.


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transhumancom wrote

a muscular feminine presenting friend

was that really necessary


nosho18 OP wrote

I'm assuming your concern is the same as that of the person who commented on North Shore, so I'll reproduce the answer someone posted there:

"I don't believe the person was trans, just that she was a muscular woman. The writer was probably trying to avoid gendering someone whose gender identity they didn't know. Providing a physical description might be useful for people who could have been introduced to this person by Shane."

I'll add that there's a good chance she was a cop too.


transhumancom wrote

I strongly question the judgment used here. If you don't know someone's gender identity, you don't start describing them with words that are commonly used to describe trans people unless you're trying to out them. Really, really disappointing to see from a supposed leftist organisation.