Luigi Galleani on Organizationalists

Submitted by BlackFlagged in Anarchism

"Modestly, but firmly, we are opposed to those anarchists who call themselves organizationalists, whether they wish to organize an anarchist party politically, or whether, in order to strengthen it, they aim to base it on labour organizations as they exist now, or on other ones they might organize that correspond more to their aims.

A political party, any political party, has its programme; ie, its constitutional charter: in assemblies of group repLuigi Galleaniresentatives, it has its parliament: in its management, its boards and executive committees, it has its government. In short, it is a graduated superstructure of bodies -- a true hierarchy -- no matter how disguised, in which all stages are connected by a single bond --discipline-- which punishes infractions of the unruly individual with sanctions that go from censure to excommunication, to expulsion."

--Luigi Galleani


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