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gooey wrote

I had a long journey getting to the left. My intro to politics was punk rock in the Dubya era - I was basically a lifestylist "anarchist". Didn't really have any background in the theory, and because of that my position wasn't all that solid, and I ended up a Ron Paul libertarian (god I was the worst) by the end of high school. In college I kind of drifted back into being your bog-standard liberal. "Capitalism can work if we just tweak it the right way" and all that shit.

But, during one of my classes I did a project where I was supposed to design a conservation plan for an endangered species. I picked gorillas, which put my focus squarely on the Congo and its history. Somewhere along the line, as I read into the problems facing the region, poured over UN reports, etc., it all kinda just clicked: there was no solving the problems the region was facing under capitalism. There was just too much money wrapped up in it - countries and companies paying various militias for access to resources, that sort of thing. And from there I just looked more and more into other areas of the world where the same kind of shit happened constantly, and all this instability and destruction all came back to capitalism.

It became extremely obvious that the system as it exists now does not and cannot solve the major problems we're facing. And ultimately socialism was the only real option I saw. So yeah. Been a lefty ever since. Was very defeatist about it for a while, but Bernie got my hopes up that we can do something and it's been nice to see the movement so energized lately.