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PoisonDartFrog OP wrote

This is good news that all the tech companies are suddenly shunning them, but let's be honest - reddit is the real home of fascism on the internet. That's where white men get radicalized. That's the site that needs to shut down the fash or be shut down for giving them a platform.


DeathToAmerica wrote

By banning physical_removal, they did the bare minimum to get the media off their backs until this blows over.


xdlpoooj wrote

reddit is the real home of fascism on the internet

That's ridiculous, and self-serving circlejerk bait.

I'm very aware that I'm on a website that diverged from reddit and that it has a grudge against reddit. You're speaking emotionally.

Reddit is home to many, many things, and not only fascist propaganda.


ziq wrote (edited )

Reddit is literally the biggest platform in the world the alt right have to recruit new members. The_Donald is the biggest far right forum there is.


aiwendil wrote

While reddit might share in some of the blame, stormfront is probably the biggest problem site on the internet. I think that we need to look into strategies that will address the site that openly boasts about murdering people. The site where skinheads post hits on people. This stuff belongs deep on the darkweb where most users can't figure out how to connect. It is a representation of how unpopular their ideas are and a testament to the fact that when they boil up from time to time, they will be beaten back into obscurity. I don't think it is possible to kill an idea, but it is possible to smash the fascists that openly stick their necks out. We need to adopt a policy of removing their voice from popular culture any time it attempts to rear up again.


Defasher wrote

There's not much we can do now that it's on the darkweb. But the good thing is now no one will see it unless they jump through hoops to find it.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

lol 'the blackweb' hey, now it's closer to their base of pedos and snuff watchers.

but really, i wish more anarchists/leftists would consider using the deep web.


ziq wrote

I think most comrades have no idea where to start. A tutorial would be a great sticky on f/tech.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

yeah, you are right, and once you are there there's no one there you'd want to talk to lol, and yeah i've been meaning to write up a little something but haven't gotten around to it. . .


NoMoreCommunism wrote

I don't think anyone likes or actually browses The Daily Stormer. Normally if such a site were telling the truth (in its entirety) it wouldn't be advertised as much.