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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Now if only we could convince 80% of the population of this truth.

Instead I know people with fancy formal educations like mine still holding market libertarian principles and claiming the problem is still regulation and so forth. It all makes me want to cry.


Anarcropolis wrote

but trump fixed the economy facebook told me so! and there's no poor people anymore apparently america number 1!


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

No, remember, all of the poor people deserve it. Every single one is lazy, stupid, and unethical. Swear to god. The middle class is shrinking and more people are poor because liberals have poisoned the minds of most of the population.


blackredpink wrote

Has anyone from outside the US gone there recently? Were you shocked by the late stage capitalism culture?


db0 wrote (edited )

I haven't but I was talking with an Italian friend of mine who tried and abandoned the attempt after trying for 2 months in SF. He tells me it's an impossible task atm. City looks like Europe though.


EmeraldShark wrote

They're putting up 5g cell towers on every block here in the US and it's really bad. I see new cell towers go up every day and the bees are dropping out of the air and dying on the pavement. At the Champlain Valley Fair, 5G cell towers and no bugs. Tons of sweat, farm animals, junk food, lights, co2, and not even a single fly or spider. The hospitals, prisons, and police are making so much money and expanding while all other businesses are dying off. The whole culture is turning into a giant concentration camp.