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db0 wrote

I always lived like an anarchist but I only realized it and radicalized further 10 years ago or so.


gone wrote

Probably 13 for me, but very similar story. I was introduced to the concept in childhood.

I would still like to learn more about Marxism, which was my big "wanna learn" about this time last year, but Anarchism is just making more sense right now with my current life circumstances, both from a perspective of actual change that is worth my extremely limited time at Hotel Life and of a way of making sense out of what I have no power to change because it already happened.


db0 wrote

Eh, I dunno. Anarcho-Communism/Synicalism already encompasses all the Marxist parts worth having.

Generally speakingm "marxism" as an ideology doesn't make a lot of sense, since Marx was all over the place when proposing alternatives to Capitalism. Mostly it's used as a gravitas to give weight to Leninist methods who consider themselves the one true way.


gone wrote (edited )

Yea, the person who I thought was my friend was a Leninist. She recommended "What Is To Be Done" for someone in my situation (high-stress low-power limited money and energy for education) and I couldn't finish it after bla bla bla everybody's got problems.

Anyone who has ever been silenced by the phrase, "But that would be communism!" is going to have some sort of a kiddie krush on Marx. "That's normal" is about the amount of energy I have to devote to it atm.