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Cheeks wrote

I grew up in a very rural area of the mid western US, surrounded by bigotry. Racism sexism homophobia was and still is the norm there. I looked towards my mother the way a lot of young boys look towards their fathers, she was and still is a hero to me. And because of that alone it was easy for me to notice how she treated by her male counterparts. I never understood that until I got a bit older, but questioned it since day one. When I was 7 I was starting a new school. I was poorer than a lot of my peers and was being cornered on the playground, fun being poked at my thrift store clothing and the haircut my mother had given to me. A few of them jumped me and this black kid that rode my bus jumped in and helped me fight them off. He became my best friend after that. And had seen a lot of the same treatment that he received from people mirror that of my mother. I was confused by all of it and didn't want to participate in any of it. At 15 a friend of a mutual friend needed a guitar player for his band. I was pretty good so I was asked to join. I had know clue what punk rock was and was in this band, so they loaded me up with cassettes and records. I kept hearing a lot those bands talk about anarchy and was curious but couldn't find anything at the library about it. Another friend had the ism series for you adults by James d Forman and gave me their copy of anarchism. Reading that was the moment when everything I wanted and had tried to put into words my entire life was suddenly there.

That was 25 years ago. I get more militant ever day.