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EmeraldShark wrote

Well first off, you should know these exist:

Radiofrequency is particularly the most harmful in areas with aluminum, kitchens, ovens, dryers, washing machines, and air vents, because they deflect the rf back into it's wave form which produces magnetic flux.
It's kinda like this: If the radiowave hits your body, the electricity that gets absorbed turns those cells that absorbed it into an ON position. This isn't much of a big deal ecause the cell can build up calcium to balance it's negative charge.
When RF bounces off Aluminum, it cancels out some of the incoming RF causing an ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON, which causes the cell to become much more stressed out than if it had just been a constant higher powered RF signal.

However, even in low aluminum environments, rf can lower sleep quality and disrupt biological rhythms.


alex wrote

oh damn. thanks for sharing this. and sorry for the late response