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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Do your own damn dishes. If someone cooked for everyone, the people who ate should clean up after.


ziq wrote

Also, don't leave them in the fucking sink to fester, preventing the rest of us from using the sink.


bloodrose wrote

Tonight I had to wash a full sink of dishes to make enough room to wash a pot needed to cook everyone dinner. I almost left to eat out alone instead.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

when you finish a box of something, write it down on the shopping list.

dont open the food that someone else bought for themselves, but once it's open its ok to eat it.

some sort of chore sharing, must be a concensus.


ziq wrote

IMO, don't leave your crap in the shower. Take it in your room. I really don't like when people's gross sponges and bottles fall on me.


bloodrose wrote

Pick up after yourself. If you don't, you're basically asserting your authority over everyone else by making them do it.


Brick wrote

Don't put weird little notes on my door warning me to clean the oven after using it. Who cares if there are some crumbs in the oven?


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Everyone gets their own little cell, but there will be an agreed-upon common area, which is open for everyone.

There should also be a Noise rule. From 10 pm until 10 am, if you want to listen to music, you do it with headphones on.

I haven't quite worked out rules regarding chores. I do feel that everyone within the community should have something to do, be responsible for committing to the operations of it. Even if they are sick or hurt, if it is possible, we should find some small thing for them to do.


EmeraldShark wrote

  1. The living room is always neutral territory.
  2. Everyone does their own dishes +1 extra. (The sink will always be clean.)
  3. Wifi off at night.
  4. Your possessions stay in your room unless your using them.

alex_ wrote

why #3? just curious


EmeraldShark wrote

Well first off, you should know these exist:

Radiofrequency is particularly the most harmful in areas with aluminum, kitchens, ovens, dryers, washing machines, and air vents, because they deflect the rf back into it's wave form which produces magnetic flux.
It's kinda like this: If the radiowave hits your body, the electricity that gets absorbed turns those cells that absorbed it into an ON position. This isn't much of a big deal ecause the cell can build up calcium to balance it's negative charge.
When RF bounces off Aluminum, it cancels out some of the incoming RF causing an ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON, which causes the cell to become much more stressed out than if it had just been a constant higher powered RF signal.

However, even in low aluminum environments, rf can lower sleep quality and disrupt biological rhythms.


alex_ wrote

oh damn. thanks for sharing this. and sorry for the late response