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ziq wrote

How many manarchists have you gotten hot and bothered? I wonder if you're getting close to my record.


neechee wrote

If you mean aroused, none.

If you mean pissed off, multiple a day, to the point that I have stalkers specifically looking for my alts.


ziq wrote (edited )

cool, we're simpatico

is prince_kropotkin stalking you yet?

I've got 3 accounts on reddit, but I make it super obvious they're me because I stopped giving a fuck.

were you ever on leftwithsharpedge?


nestormakhno wrote

Burtzev stalked my ass for a while and PK would magically turn up in any thread where I mentioned him without pinging him or anything. Over multiple accounts. Over several years.

Shit is intensely creepy.


ziq wrote

Same here. Burtzev still goes on unhinged rants about me every now and then.


neechee wrote

I don't think PK even knows about me. Off the top of my head, Kapitod, Book_of_Nightmares, and TheEdenCrazy are way too obsessed with me.

I've probably had 15 accounts at this point.

I was not on that sub. I was probably not even here when that was a thing. I am however the only other person to use "anarcho-noddy"


ziq wrote

Ha. I hope that takes off. So many fucking Noddy's on r/@, it should be taken out of circulation and sterilized like the racist Noddy books.