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ziq wrote (edited )

Because they're not anarchists, they're creepy collectivist moralisers with zero self awareness and zero praxis. They have no concept of individuality and can't separate one raddler's opinion from the site as a whole. They cry victim whenever anyone has the slightest disagreement with them. Then they spend the next year warning people not to come here because raddle is for tankies or post-leftists or ancaps or primmies or liberals or whatever is the worst outgroup they can think of and cast as the villain for their 'victimisation' (mild difference of opinion with another user; mainly me).

"I'm going back to reddit because someone on raddle said white South Africans are settlers!" Proof raddle is for tankies!"

"Someone reposted a giant list of youtube channels and one of the people on the list was a tankie! BURN TANKIE RADDLE TO THE GROUND."

And they don't actually stop posting here, they continue to do it with alts passive aggressively and take every opportunity to drop my name whenever they feel like it'll gain them sympathy or turn others against the site.

Let them all drown in their moral superiority. Their politics are boring as fuck.