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wild_liger wrote

Because ziq is an absolute fuckstick who's shown in the past that he can't be trusted.


rtsn wrote

What are you referring to regarding lack of trust, if I may ask?


ziq wrote (edited )

I had several alt accounts that I used to start discussions and post articles so the site would be more active. Sometimes the site was dead all day so I'd have the alts talk to each other, staging fake debates to keep people interested in the site. On a couple of occasions I used them for satire, writing back-and-forth plays between an 'anarcho-liberal' (Chomskyist) and an anarchist, to parody liberal talking points. Even though it was really over the top satire (like a post where the Chomskyist character said they were a millionaire but rich people are comrades too and don't appreciate being discriminated against), some people didn't realize and felt duped by it.

One of the alts (Defasher) was for telling people off when I thought they were being bigoted or authoritarian. I called an ML that was trying to make rules to stop us from speaking ill of Lenin/Stalin a tankie. I called a anarcho-transhumanist an ableist when they said disabled people needed transhumanism to 'fix' them. I called another transhumanist a colonialist when they said they had a right to invade my country and take our resources by force to build their transhumanist utopia. These 3 users bonded over their shared hatred of Defasher (me) and other post-left and anticiv users who they called 'primmies'.

The ML was a mod and banned an anarchist from f/communism for 'liberalism - equating the Holodomor with genocide', which really concerned me and, combined with her constant attempts to make rules to ban criticism of tankie ideology, spurred me to demod them so they wouldn't turn the site into a another tankie cesspit.

They weren't happy about that at all and it increased the drama tenfold, with them all attacking me and me responding in kind.

They and others started using f/meta as a weapon for their drama. Making ban proposals against people that disagreed with their (honestly really questionable) politics, and again trying to make rules that would ban 'trolling' tankies / transhumanists, by which they clearly meant 'criticizing messed up stuff said by tankies / transhumanists'.

Everyone was sick of the drama, and someone proposed we set up a f/mediation forum to deal with petty personal disputes between users instead of letting them use f/meta to try and ban people for the pettiest of reasons.

I used one of my alts and voted more than once in that proposal to make sure f/mediation would get made and f/meta would stop being abused. Which was obviously ethically wrong.

I did it because I felt these 3 were acting maliciously to damage the site, launching hateful witchhunts against people that disagreed with their politics. I didn't want them to use democracy as a weapon to change the site; to enable literal stalinists to spread their authoritarian message without opposition. The drama had been pushing people off the site for months and dividing everyone else into 2 factions, and I just wanted it to end.

Anyway, in an attempt to make amends, I fessed up to everything, talked about my usage of alts to make the site more active, told them I was Defasher and Chomskyist, apologised to the 3 of them for using the alt to criticize them, and stepped down as admin because of the dishonesty. That was 6 months ago.

2 of them (the transhumanists) initially accepted my apology, and it seemed like everything was gonna be okay and we could start healing. But then the tankie saw the thread and, on learning I was Defasher, went on an angry rant against me and convinced them to both change their minds and join in their fury. So they un-accepted my apology and trolled me and the site non-stop for months, hijacked our chat rooms, repeatedly doxxed me, and plotted to DDOS the site to take it offline.

I didn't even visit the site for an entire month because of their raging. The chat room was nothing but non-stop hate being directed at me by the three of them, so I had to leave from there too.

I eventually came back but the raging was worse than ever. So after 6 months of non stop drama and attacks and doxxing from these teenagers and after losing countless hours of sleep over it, I had enough and took back my apology. I proposed they be banned. The proposal passed. And that's where we're at now.

I wish people would stop throwing this all in my face so we can move past it. Especially since it's become clear that the three of them all use alts to attack me and their outrage at me for using Defasher to tell them off is completely hypocritical.


rtsn wrote

Fucking hell, this shit is messed up. I can't stand this kind of drama and weirdness.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah. I'm 35, these kids are 15-19, I shouldn't have ever engaged them to start with, no matter how off-put I was by their comments, I should have been the mature one. Getting into this mess was one of the worst mistakes I've ever made. I still can't sleep all night when they attack me on reddit and my nerves are on edge.