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PerfectSociety wrote

I'm not up to speed on this. Why were so many r/Anarchism mods removed by the admins?


fuckworldtrade wrote

nazi infiltration tactics. its well known that reddit is run by fascist dogs and their tyranny is only getting worse by the day


PerfectSociety wrote

I always considered reddit to be run by profit-seeking liberals who would do whatever it takes to ensure moneymaking via the site.


fuckworldtrade wrote

well thats a given since the site was founded under capitalism, but the admins have clearly shown themselves to utilize political suppression. regularly banning subs that are not able to be manipulated, usually illegalist and leftist subs (r/darknetmarkets, r/xanaxcartel, r/shoplifting)


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Because users kept saying "bash the fash". Fash would report the comments, mods would approve them, admins would ban them for it.


blackredpink wrote

Don't forget what happened to hamjam5. He got suspended for approving a link to a Crimethinc book that included a page with a drawing of a molotov cocktail.


PotemkinCityLimits wrote

Christ, that is pathetic lol. I got banned over on reddit twice, one for PMing a rape apologist and calling him a piece of shit, and for "doxxing" white supremacists. Lot of people got banned for putting up all that public ICE info as well, which is a fucking joke too.


OldHippieChick wrote

The less I personally know about the motivation behind trashing Aaron's site after destroying his life the better:

but there are Raddlers who were there and also static comment and old posts that you can find or be linked to.

I'm grateful to the person who tactfully redirected me over here. Other forums and meetingplaces are bad too.

We're all damaged to some degree or another.


ziq OP wrote

some of us to all degrees :)))


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Thank you for all you have done, faolinbean, and best of luck on your new adventure.

I hope faolinbean is holding up as well as can be expected and that their friends are able to help them through the first, hardest few days of this change.