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ziq wrote (edited )

Would it be worthy to mirror everything to our wiki?


lookin4 OP wrote

Yes, why not... but in my opinion only under certain circumstances.

  1. The one(s) legally responsible for running Raddle know and accept that a wiki may involve risks, because it is in it's nature to be wide open for contributions. Even if the w/Terms_of_Service covering everything published in theory and there can be mods, too. But possible violations can be placed quicker and more easy than on the forums - either with a registered accounts or without.

  2. As the current wiki only supports Markdown and seems very simple, meaning there is a lack of important features like categorization, inter-wiki links for different languages, templates, statistics, more detailed format-tools, including of media and proper player for them. Also speaking of import-functionality and usage-familiarity, because most people's experience with Wikipedia, I would be in favor of using MediaWiki.

to be continued...