What happened to Anarchopedia?

Submitted by lookin4 in Anarchism

Does anybody know whats going on with the Anarchopedia? Maybe it moved to another place, but If so, I did not find any information about that, yet. I think it was is a great idea to build this thing, but unfortunately as I came across while almost everyone already lost interest in this. Which is a real pity, I think.

In the wikis belonging to the network (I looked up the Spanish, Finnish, English, Arabian, Dutch and French-language version) the last edits took place a long time ago, in some for over 4 years. Not even anonymous users contribute to it, which means the knowledge of the existence of this website gone widely lost.

Since the used software (MediaWiki) hasn't been updated for a while and is End-of-life since November 2016 it is a bit risky to register or use an account and to participate in general. Parts of the back-end like the operating system, the web server, the database etc. however are relatively new versions. Its difficult to make a conclusion here, either the updates are being done automatically by the provider of the vps/shared host where Anarchopedia runs on without notice/knowledge of the person(s) running the wiki or the person(s) doing the updates themselves but forgot about this project. Whatever it may be, I've no idea how to find out whats true.

Nevertheless the Italian-Language and the Meta-project seem to be partly-active. But no one seems able to or willing to work on the issues with the project. Like the security-stuff mentioned above, the massive registration of spammers, the bad encoding, and the hint "Still working to recover. Please don't edit quite yet." displayed for many years now.

Be free to browse around the different sites, if you did not know about it until now. Who knows how long this will be accessible for us. When you found something worth to read, save the link and share it with us - please. Then we could export it and re-import it into a new version of this project on-site or elsewhere, when you are also interested in re-building a new version contact me.



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ziq wrote (edited )

Would it be worthy to mirror everything to our wiki?


lookin4 OP wrote

Yes, why not... but in my opinion only under certain circumstances.

  1. The one(s) legally responsible for running Raddle know and accept that a wiki may involve risks, because it is in it's nature to be wide open for contributions. Even if the w/Terms_of_Service covering everything published in theory and there can be mods, too. But possible violations can be placed quicker and more easy than on the forums - either with a registered accounts or without.

  2. As the current wiki only supports Markdown and seems very simple, meaning there is a lack of important features like categorization, inter-wiki links for different languages, templates, statistics, more detailed format-tools, including of media and proper player for them. Also speaking of import-functionality and usage-familiarity, because most people's experience with Wikipedia, I would be in favor of using MediaWiki.

to be continued...


lookin4 OP wrote

Dear /u/Fossidarity, /u/GrimWillow, /u/Tequila_Wolf

What do you think about hosting a sandbox instance of MediaWiki? I have no doubt that it would be worthy, because of the possible growth (in terms of quantity and quality) of our whole community: the active users and our interactions in the forums. I will volunteer to take part in this experiment.

Does the server meet the requirements for it? If not, there is also DokuWiki - with no need for a database, all sites are saved in text files.


ziq wrote (edited )

you can't ping people on raddle because on reddit it's always used to harass leftists. They'll only see your messages if you make a new post in f/meta