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ziq wrote (edited )

I much prefer 'anarchy' and sometimes wish this forum were named that way.

Anything ending in -ism sounds ideological to me. Anarchy is really not an ideology so much as it's a state of being.

It only becomes an ideology when you attach other things to it: anarcho-communism, anarcho-transhumanism, anarcho-primitivism. But anarchy on its own is a living and breathing praxis that we incorporate into our everyday lives. A personal stance against authority that informs all our decisions and thus shapes the trajectory of our existence.

'Anarchism' to me brings to mind a set of economic and philosophical theories and historical attempts at building societies centered around these principles. It makes me think of a faraway plan or a blueprint more than a deliberate and decisive practice to oppose, avoid and bypass hierarchies.


throwaway wrote (edited )

I've always been of the impression that anarchy simply meant absence of laws and rules, without the concepts that make such a state a good thing: solidarity, mutual aid et cetera, while anarchism is the theory and action of libertarian socialism. I much prefer anarchism.


ziq wrote (edited )

Libertarian socialism is closely related to anarcho-communism, which is a form of social anarchism. Social anarchism and anarchism / anarchy are different things.