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OldHippieChick wrote

I see Anarchy as something that is easy to spread without having to think about it and Anarchism as more like an -ism that requires footnotes and authorities and sources if somebody like me would reasonably expect to be taken seriously.

I hate this analogy, but I can spread anarchy just like whipped margarine and still have enough brainpower to think about what else I'm going to eat/feed my family. Anarchism is more like chilled organic stick butter from Whole Foods when the refrigerator isn't working perfectly: I can still spread it, but I have to plan ahead, think carefully, be aware of how much pressure I'm using, and a zillion other factors that could make me accidentally tear the bread.

If someone is just looking for a clown to laugh at and/or flame, it's usually better in the long run to just grab the margarine unless someone or another REALLY notices the difference and cares enough for it to be worth the extra effort of using the organic butter from whole foods.

Since I don't even eat dairy products or shop at whole foods, I really hate this analogy but i can't think of another right now.