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zod wrote (edited )

I'd rather post here, your forum doesn't even have SSL.

There are quite a few anti/post civs here though. It doesn't make sense for everyone to be spread out across multiple sites if we're trying to build a movement. We have an opportunity here on raddit to make green issues as important as worker issues - the f/green subforum is the 6th most used forum and incredibly critical of civilisation and industrialism: we're actually able to influence people by not labeling the sub as specifically 'anticiv' or 'anarcho-primitivist', which immediately turns off most people that like their modern luxuries. But we still promote the same ideas.


alexander wrote (edited )

I know it doesn't have SSL. Several of us have complained about it. It's fine though. It's a forum. Just use a throwaway password.

We're definitely not trying to "build a movement," "influence people," or any other leftist kind of thing. And as I've said elsewhere, quite a lot of us don't like Reddit/Raddit for discussions, so I'm not gonna defend the choice any more. But I can certainly understand how some people don't want to join the site. That's fine. But I have accounts both places, and lo and behold, I haven't gone up in flame just yet.

If you're happy here, then that's good, I'm certainly not going to force you anywhere. I'll check out the green subforum every now and again, and I appreciate that there are outlets for those kinds of things on Raddit, so thanks for contributing to that.