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Freux wrote

I don't think ziq has any problem with how you are raising your kids. Nobody is going to ban you :)


gone wrote (edited )

And I don't have any problem with how ziq is running Raddle so I'm not going to get bored and go away.

The metaphor sucks. It feels so condescending to keep saying why it works so well while simultaneously laughing at how bad it sucks.

Backstory is that I was momming ziq earlier on Matrix right after telling them I had to take a sabbatical or I was going to mom them.


ziq wrote

I'm not actually running anything here, I'm not an admin.

What metaphor do you mean? What works well?


gone wrote (edited )

Raddle isn't a child.

The metaphor works best for me when I'm laughing at myself and laughing with you while we are publicly talking about how it doesn't work.

I think that's nature's way of telling me to close my laptop and tickle annoy #OccupyBaby or something.