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Freux wrote

Just to be sure, I wasn't trying to diss on raddle. I just felt like it could be seen a justified hierarchy but as you pointed out it's only justified because the system of it all is based into a hierarchy. Basically the only justified hierarchy is when you work inside a society that isn't anarchistic.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

The hierarchy of me being able to pull the plug on the site isn't justified at all. But we exist under a capitalist system and the only anarchist way to deal with that is to create tools that can mirror all of raddle's content to other servers, or otherwise decentralize the content. Then hope the owners of those servers don't pull the plug.

Right now a few trusted people have access to the database backups, so they could restore the site in the event of my death if they chose to.


Freux wrote

Now I get it ! Because you are stuck with some form of hierarchy doesn't make it justified.


OldHippieChick wrote


I hope some nonexistant kid didn't have to give up his dad for you to be able to understand that but this is my point.

I'm not kissing up to ziq, I'm acknowledging his greater investment in this community than my own. His knowledge of anarchism is far greater than my own but it came at the cost of other things he could have been doing instead.

If my own perfect little angel wants to show ziq his flutterbye collection and talk about My Little Pony, he could KILL ziq jr.

If ziq has a problem with the way I'm raising my kid I don't really care unless it affects my kid's safety or ziq's safety.

If ziq has a problem with how I'm talking to new Raddlers, I'm going to shush the little guy or let him play another round of Hedge Wars instead of getting his multiplication memorizing workbook page done on time because I want to hear how I'm fucking up and learn how to do better RIGHT NOW instead of getting banned.

But I could still post on Reddit Mommywebz boards under a different username until the anti-natural childbirth and anti-breastfeeding and anti-homeschoolers recognize me AGAIN by some stupid jokes and mixed metaphors that aren't even all that funny and I'm off to the races again. Here we go round the mulberry bush gathering nuts in May.


Freux wrote

I don't think ziq has any problem with how you are raising your kids. Nobody is going to ban you :)


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

And I don't have any problem with how ziq is running Raddle so I'm not going to get bored and go away.

The metaphor sucks. It feels so condescending to keep saying why it works so well while simultaneously laughing at how bad it sucks.

Backstory is that I was momming ziq earlier on Matrix right after telling them I had to take a sabbatical or I was going to mom them.


ziq OP wrote

I'm not actually running anything here, I'm not an admin.

What metaphor do you mean? What works well?


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Raddle isn't a child.

The metaphor works best for me when I'm laughing at myself and laughing with you while we are publicly talking about how it doesn't work.

I think that's nature's way of telling me to close my laptop and tickle annoy #OccupyBaby or something.