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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Yeah. Maybe I've been using the term wrong, or maybe there's just too many marxists slipping into shit. It just seemed a little confusing to me, like, I'm not remotely qualified to run a lab. My word should probably not be taken as seriously as a chemist's when it comes to those things.


ziq OP wrote

Well if you're not able to run a lab, you won't. Do your own thing. But the chemist isn't your superior in any way just because they are skilled in a certain area.


throwaway wrote

In that specific area, they are your superior. Of course the construction worker is not forced to obey the architects' orders, but anyone with a brain that hasn't fully corroded would. Of course, the same goes for the architect in reverse.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

How are they my superior? I don't work for them. I don't answer to them. Them having a skill I don't have doesn't make me inferior to them.


throwaway wrote

Oh come on... Don't take it out of context. I said in that specific area. They are superior to you in that particular field, because they know more than you do about architecture.

It's a given that I don't believe them to be superior to your being just because they're good at architecture.


this_one wrote

I think the point ziq is trying to make is that you're both using different definitions of 'hierarchy' (and that, in their opinion, their definition is more useful for this conversation/conversations about anarchy in general than yours is)