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videl wrote (edited )

I know this type of thing is mentioned every time someone brings up Chomsky, but that "some hierarchy is justified" thing - from my experience - does help with getting liberals to not completely dismiss anarchy right away. It at least gets them to ask themselves, "what hierarchy is justified?"


PerfectSociety wrote

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't think it's worth diluting Anarchism to make it more theoretically palatable to Liberals. I think the liberals who might be open to Anarchism can be reached more effectively (and without changing the meaning of Anarchism) by starting discourse by pointing at examples of Anarchist Praxis that have manifested successfully in the world, rather than starting off by citing theory.

In my experience, many social liberals (not classical liberals) find anti-capitalist ideas appealing but what stops them from embracing those ideas is that they think the ideas aren't practical. So I think the best way to convince them otherwise is to start off by simply providing them examples of successful "implementations of Anarchism" (as they would call it).