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therealmidnite wrote

I was recently accused of spreading "right-wing anti-intellectualism" on r/anarchism for stating that academics who preach non-aggression against the right should not be considered authorities on the right.


ziq wrote

Professor Fashlover there is prolly only offended because they've been intimate with many fascists in an academic attempt to understand why they want to murder poc.


selver wrote (edited )

Chomskian-Pacifist Anarchism

Jesus Christ that one's hard on the eyes. Wow.

There's a handful of great anarchists on Reddit, but there is sooo much Chomsky anarchism (libertarian socialism).


ergdj5 wrote (edited )

The other day on /r/anarchism I saw one arguing about how the US army fights for liberty and freedom, didn't even get downvoted. I'm quitting Reddit.