Why identity politics benefits the right more than the left theguardian.com

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"In a fascinating study, Karen Stenner shows in The Authoritarian Dynamic that while some individuals have “predispositions” towards intolerance, these predispositions require an external stimulus to be transformed into actions. Or, as another scholar puts it: “It’s as though some people have a button on their foreheads, and when the button is pushed, they suddenly become intensely focused on defending their in-group … But when they perceive no such threat, their behavior is not unusually intolerant. So the key is to understand what pushes that button.”What pushes that button, Stenner and others find, is group-based threats. In experiments researchers easily shift individuals from indifference, even modest tolerance, to aggressive defenses of their own group by exposing them to such threats."


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therealmidnite wrote

Oh great... hold hands, sing kumbaya, and hopefully another token will get voted into the white house so that liberals can go back to sleep and pretend that racism is "dimunishing". Yeah, that'll show them.


robottroymacclure wrote

this is part of a story we are telling ourselves about how ignorant most people are, yet we all somehow consider ourselves exempt and incapable of being manipulated. one thing is for sure, every one of us is trapped in an ignorance particular to our age. people in the future we see us a both quaint and stupid in the same way we consider people from a hundred years ago.