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anarchist_critic OP wrote

Class analysis isn't idpol. Class is a structural position in the material production process, not an identity.


Dumai wrote

please at least read e.p. thompson or something and catch up with what the rest of the world has been doing


anarchist_critic OP wrote

Where does E.P. Thompson say "class is an identity not a structural position"?

Tip: he doesn't.


Dumai wrote

not exactly, but his work was a huge step forward in recognising the cultural contigency of class categories and identity

AT LEAST read him and catch up with like, 1963


celebratedrecluse wrote

sex, sexual orientation, and gender are structural positions in the material processes of reproduction, patriarchy and misogyny. race, national origin, and ethnicity are structural positions in the material processes of white supremacy and nativism.

what is the difference between class & these other categories? Your point seems to be to sublimate the material impacts of these other categories into class, when in reality they are overlapping and constantly re-inforcing aspects of the general phenomenon of hierarchy/privilege.

attacking privilege should be the basis of our shared struggle, and it is for most reasonable leftists.