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anarchist_critic wrote

Apparently, yes. Ziq and Tequila keep posting idpol bait, so deal with it.


BigGeorge moderator wrote

No unprovoked personal attacks on other users. This is your only warning.


anarchist_critic wrote

Was that aimed at me or ziq?

In case you didn't notice:

hey fucknut, eat my shit (ziq) so you're the clown (ziq) Peak brocialism (selver) Fuck you. Go back to Reddit (zzzzxxxyyyy) It's very hard to believe that you're writing any of this in good faith (Tequila Wolf) you have no politics to engage with (ziq) smug privileged piece of shit (ziq) bro (ziq) utter nonsense (ziq) You're full of shit. (therealmidnite)

You going to do something about this? Or is your Third Way tone-policing and zero tolerance of expressions of anger restricted to people who disagree with you?


BigGeorge moderator wrote (edited )

An 'unprovoked' attack is the key word.

A response to an unprovoked attack is a defense, or a counter-attack.

Don't use this forum as a venue to launch unprovoked personal attacks on users, try to shame them for not being brocialists like you, and then play victim when you get flamed for it.