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anarchist_critic OP wrote

According to anarchism, oppression is still oppression when you do it backwards. "Brocialism" is dismissing something based on the (perceived) gender of the speaker rather than the content of what's said. It belongs in the same dustbin as "feminazi" and "Jewish science" and all the other irrelevant ad hominem attacks on incidental features of the speaker.


ziq wrote

your gender doesn't make you a brocialist, your brocialism does


anarchist_critic OP wrote

Define brocialism then, numbskull.


anarchist_critic OP wrote

"Brocialism and manarchism are umbrella terms for sexists within the radical left. Specifically used for those who believe that the creation of a socialist, Marxist, or anarchist system will inevitably bring about gender equality and that therefore no measures need to be taken other than the destruction of the hierarchy imposed by class."

When did I say this?

"Brocialism is the political, social, and economic ideology of those who claim to have Socialist or Communist leanings, but whose behaviour or beliefs are hypocritically sexist. A brocialist will probably even claim to be a feminist, and actively supportive of women's equality, sometimes in the same moment that they treat women like dirt."

At what point have I treated women like dirt?