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anarchist_critic OP wrote

You're flailing around throwing insults without actually engaging with my politics in the slightest. You can call me shitty, I can call you shitty, it's a draw, nothing achieved. Why bother?


ziq wrote (edited )

you have no politics to engage with


anarchist_critic OP wrote

OK, here's some political claims.

People aren't reducible to their attributes or subject-positions.

Each individual has different experiences. Positionality is irrelevant to this.

The existence of police, prisons, schools, and work are just as much "structural oppressions" as racism or sexism.

Zero tolerance is authoritarianism. Perspectivism requires situational nuance.

Different white people think differently. There is no "white reason" or "white assumptions".

Different black people think differently. There is no "black experience" or "black point of view" or "black view of racism".

Whether something's racist is best determined by looking at observable patterns and not by reference to anyone's experience or positionality.

Oppressions such as race and gender are effects of spooks, and reinforcing their importance reinforces the spook.

Domestic violence is a downward displacement of legitimate anger with social level oppression, not a primary structure in its own right.

Disagreeing with someone's claims is not "silencing", "violence", or "erasure". It is not a threat to the person's existence, because we don't have to be agreed with by everyone to exist.

Criminalising things aids a bigger enemy so as to score victories over smaller enemies.

Criminalising things does not make them any less likely to happen. Sometimes it makes them more likely to happen.

Imposing a spook as more important than someone's uniqueness is oppressive, whether it's done by a "privileged group" or an "oppressed group".

Rebut away, motherfucker. (Hint: "you're shit" and "eat my shit" aren't rebuttals).


mofongo wrote

It's funny that you're individualists when convenient and collectivists when convenient.

Also, it's common courtesy to say "I'm not racist, but..." And "I have a black friend..." Before or after saying racist things, so get with the times.