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DoormouseJessup wrote

I stopped 2 sentences in when, trying to be an edgelord, the author went into the gutter with ad hominems.

Using the term "review" may not be appropriate.


ziq wrote

I'm sure the author (you?) has done way more for the world than anarchists have... I mean they must have since capitalism and statism clearly no longer exist. What an incredible revolutionary. What a great mind.


plast OP wrote (edited )

Thanks for giving it a read ziq.

My perspective is from someone who is relatively on the outside in regards to anarchism. And I get to see how anarchism affects the outside world. Anarchism was put down most of the time in the past, but in the modern age anarchist media and history is really only meaningful for anarchists.

Also anarchism has had some cultural influence, but in terms of real world improvements, has not really done that much other than "radicalize" some liberals and result and a few isolated pockets of anarchist territory.


DoormouseJessup wrote (edited )

Are you familiar with the Haymarket Affair and the subsequent impact on the labor movement? Are you aware of the anarchists who organized the 8 hour workday movement in the US and the international strikes in solidarity?

Anarchism has had more than "some cultural" influence and anyone familiar with history (specifically labor history) would know it. For example, the wildcat #redfored teachers strikes were lead and facilitated by IWW members. One of the founding members of the IWW was Lucy Parsons - wife of Albert Parsons. Both Lucy and Albert we're Anarchists. Albert was framed for murder and killed by Illinois for speaking at the meeting at Haymarket. Lucy continued their work which lead to the IWW and considerable impact on the Labor Movement as well as politics and free speech rights (look up "soapboxing" and Frank Little).

So I believe an ill-informed dismissal of Anarchism as something that hasn't had real world impacts is ignorant and uninformed.

Here's "some cultural" impacts anarchists have had:

  • 8 hour work day (in US)
  • Fought fascist Franco regime in the Spanish Civil War
  • Equality of the sexes (look up Emma Goldman in particular)
  • The weekend
  • Abolishment of child labor
  • Solidarity Unionism
  • Free speech rights
  • Civil Rights (many of the tactics used by the IWW would late be adapted by the civil Rights movement)
  • Fighting against Syria in Rojova
  • (for me locally) teaching people first aid, providing free food to the homeless, and Narcan training

There's more that can be added but I'm on my phone. People can add in replies if they like.


plast OP wrote

Anarchism was simply part of the left. Most reforms were either actually solidified by companies or the government. And in the modern age anarchism is pretty much dead outside of a few pockets.


robottroymacclure wrote

Anarchist actions have had quite a few people thrown in prison over the years. its interesting that you could be so dismissive of people that put their lives on the line to challenge powerful interests. maybe they were just wrong though and deserve to be rotting in a cell?