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anarchist_critic wrote

Nope, not messing you around.

Sorry if I started the name-calling here. To be fair, ziq is bullying me viciously on another thread and "smart-alec" isn't exactly a severe insult. And you seem to me to be nit-picking, in trying to make out that Dragonowl's critique applies to less of idpol than it does. It clearly applies to anything which is leveraging positionality instead of ego, even though all his/her/their examples come from one-axis idpols. If it's attaching value to a spook or positionality instead of Unique Ones, it's a problem for egoists... that's pretty straightforward and I can't understand why you can't understand that.

As for

you don't understand how intersectionality works

That's because nobody who uses the word seems to have a clear sense of what it means. Nobody's ever defined it. Because it's a buzzword. I've mostly seen it used like a magic wand to wish away the problems with idpol. OK, we've established there's multiple lines of oppression and they all cross over with each other and they compound or reinflect one another. What then? All the "intersectional" people I've come across still pull the same old idpol shit like "check your privilege", language policing, zero-sum demands that everything benefit the worst-off GROUP, the validity of someone's truth-claims depends on the group they come from etc etc. Except that now, even people from oppressed groups can be silenced using this rhetoric. And they're very hazy on what someone should do if a particular action benefits one oppressed group but harms another. For instance, suppose that having more cops at train stations makes women feel safer but black men feel less safe - should we be for it or against it? The one-contradiction idpols have a clear answer but the intersectionalists just dodge it. I've never heard a clear answer from an intersectionalist on how one handles these situations - with the exception of those who use "intersectional" to mean "black women come first - white men, white women, and black men are all oppressors". By all means try to explain it if you think you understand it better than me.