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BigG moderator wrote

One more ableist outburst and I'm banning you from this forum.


anarchist_critic wrote

Ok, Mr. Dictator. Which innocuous everyday word have you decided is "ableist"?

If you're on about "insane" - you do realise that this kind of language-policing bullshit means you'll end up banning most of the people with actual psychological problems, right? Because, I know a lot of people who are schizophrenic, bipolar, autistic, and they all hate idpol and they all speak their fucking minds. The idpol etiquette shit is absolutely impossible for someone who doesn't have the usual hivemind groupthink and the usual checks on what they say. You are literally performing ableism with your narrow-minded ideological insistence on self-control and groupthink, and then dressing it up as anti-ableist! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

This is absolutely classic crybullying... I've been subjected to endless insults without any redeeming logical argument, and when I lower myself to their level, they (presumably) cry victim.

And seriously... if you're going to censor me for my political disagreement with idpol groupthink (we all know that's the real stake here since you've turned a blind eye to endless vicious personal attacks on me), go ahead. And fuck you and your fake selective "anti-ableism".


BigG moderator wrote (edited )

Banned for doubling down on ableism.

I suggest you make a new forum like f/brocialism where you can rant about idpol in peace.

You can appeal your ban in f/meta but since you've made clear you will continue ignoring the terms of service every moderator is tasked with upholding, I wouldn't bother.