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anarchist_critic wrote

Well, there's lots of reasons people don't contribute. Yes, a belief in rewards is one of them. Others include time pressure (from overwork and social obligations), illness, depression, certain disabilities, lack of "skills", lack of self-confidence, and all kinds of attitudes towards the people doing the work (from hero-worship to resentment and "feeling excluded"). The thing is, a lot of initiatives keep running in spite of a lot of the participants not contributing. Yes, some fold. They fold at the point where the core group burn out, or the resources needed are greater than those the core group can put in. A lot of others keep going. I think there's less energy now than in the recent past, but the main reason is that everyone's overworked and overstressed. It's a lot easier to put energy into projects when you have a stable job with low hours or better still, you're managing to survive without working.


edmund_the_destroyer OP wrote

I hope you don't find the late response irritating. I think you're right.

I have an outstanding income but all of my time and money goes into my brood. In another fifteen years if medical problems for me or for a loved one don't derail my plans, I'll have the time to contribute to some worthwhile project. But only a painfully small portion of society is in that luxurious position at any one time. And I'll still be working full time.