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anarchist_critic wrote

OK, four problems.

  1. I don't live in Canada, or any settler-colony.
  2. I don't own any land. Not even a house or apartment.
  3. If I did own my home then chances are, I'd need it as a place to live (doh), and likely I'd have a mortgage, meaning I can't transfer it freely to anyone.
  4. This article is all about how expensive and bureaucratically difficult it is to transfer ownership, so even if you try, the government won't let you.

Also BTW, land ownership as a notion did not exist on "Turtle Island" prior to the arrival of Europeans.

Now answer my question please: If you don't want to send anyone back to Europe and it isn't about guilt then what's your problem with the statement "I have as much right to inhabit this land as anybody else does, regardless of my ancestor's actions"?