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anarchist_critic wrote

indigenous peoples are still suffering in miserable squalor, still being raped, starved, poisoned, sterilized, imprisoned, shot dead


while the descendants of the europeans that took their land and forced them onto concentration camps are still enjoying the spoils of their genocide today

Which Europeans? Which spoils?

You'll find that most of the land is owned by the US government and big companies, as Churchill shows. The average white working-class American is getting crumbs from the boss's table at most. Hell, the average income in America is below the cost of living these days.

And the little land/water they have left CONTINUES to be taken from them at gunpoint by Europeans. Colonization never ended

Again, which Europeans?

I'm sure this Reddit guy you've got this vendetta against, is not going around taking people's land and water at gunpoint. Likely the people doing this are pigs. And they're doing it on behalf of (again) the bosses and the government.

So, OK - we hate bosses, the government, and pigs. Anarchists have always hated bosses, the government, and pigs. Conscious white working-class Americans also hate bosses, the government, and pigs. So let's all get together across racial divided and fuck up the bosses, the government, and the pigs. Calling white working-class or even middle-class Americans "colonisers" and telling them to get back in their lane and give up their sense of entitlement to even be on "Turtle Island" is just making enemies you don't need to make.