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ziq OP wrote (edited )

This is where he's told USA is a white supremacist settler colony and gets very defensive.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

You might remember this shitburg from his 'feminists aren't egalitarians like me' comments:

Please excuse my raging, I had the misfortune of digging through his post history while responding to him.


theblackcat wrote (edited )

The mods on that sub never used to put up with mra bullshit like that, what on Earth happened?


ziq OP wrote

The admins banned all the good mods (with one exception), now there's just a bunch of white male freeze peachers left, and they gang up on the only woman left on the mod team.

If she bans an mra or a racist, the bromods undo it and basically laugh in her face. Their meta sub is basically the brocialist commitee. Shitty lawyers that spend hours mounting a defense for all kinds of anarcho-bigots and mansplaining to anyone that objects.


retiredshared2 wrote

Reddit siteowners neutered the sub and it went to shit, despite the art at the bottom. I recommend, despite disputes many have with ziq (including me), that everyone advises moving to Raddle. Drama aside, I much prefer the mods and admins here to a team handpicked by the capitalists running Reddit.