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GrimWillow wrote

I like the sound of Tutanota, but I feel like is the "Raddle of email", They also use FLOSS software from what I remember about them, and they are an Anarchist collective.

Welcome to Raddle!


ziq wrote

I use protonmail but have been told I shouldn't.


ergdj5 wrote

I'll stick to RiseUp, but Tutanota is definitely best if you don't have a Riseup invite.


ziq wrote (edited )

Protonmail automatically encrypts every inbox, so most people that use it to communicate with other protonmail users don't bother creating pgp keys manually. and instead trust that on-site end-to-end encryption isn't compromised.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

If you don't run the server yourself, how can you know that it does not collect the data you want to be private? What assurances do we have?

I don't mean to single out Tutanota. I don't trust any of the services that claim to host genuinely private email.