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GrimWillow wrote

I like the sound of Tutanota, but I feel like is the "Raddle of email", They also use FLOSS software from what I remember about them, and they are an Anarchist collective.

Welcome to Raddle!


Lukez wrote

Thanks. :) Totally agree, Riseup is awesome as well. I just prefer to have my emails not stored in the US that's all.


gone wrote

Welcome! I'm new too and had no problems just diving right in. The trolls are easy enough to spot and the mods just aren't that defensive and burned out. The core community is inclusive, welcoming, well-informed, and compassionate.

Tutanota is definitely a great recommendation for email. I still have my riseup account and send them $5 a month to support their work because they were THE Anarchist Email provider during my heavy afk activism days. They are, unfortunately, located in the US, so I figure it doesn't hurt and might help to obfuscate things a bit with funny pictures of cats and other necessary personal emails to close friends and family.

I feel safer with for anything to do with activism and computers/internet right now. Since my minor child doesn't have a job, credit card, etc. and any "red diaper baby" needs to be more privacy conscious than an adult or minor with non-activist parents would, he uses which also has a GDPR-friendly Riot server that may not be as fully-featured as servers for over-16 peeps but it's what we have for radical youth right now.

Ziq, I'll need to get back to you about protonmail at some point if no one else does. I still have an account there and was trying to get my 85 year old crapple fanboi father to use that instead of gmail/yahoo for awhile.

At this point, I just don't want the octogenarians in my life to use email at all. Voice calls are more enjoyable and less stressful for them.


ergdj5 wrote

I'll stick to RiseUp, but Tutanota is definitely best if you don't have a Riseup invite.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

If you don't run the server yourself, how can you know that it does not collect the data you want to be private? What assurances do we have?

I don't mean to single out Tutanota. I don't trust any of the services that claim to host genuinely private email.


ziq wrote

I use protonmail but have been told I shouldn't.


happy wrote

I'm curious whats wrong with protonmail?


ziq wrote

The encryption keys are stored on their server instead of locally.


XaviTheChemist wrote

well if you're encrypting your messages like you should be does it really matter?


ziq wrote (edited )

Protonmail automatically encrypts every inbox, so most people that use it to communicate with other protonmail users don't bother creating pgp keys manually. and instead trust that on-site end-to-end encryption isn't compromised.