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ziq wrote

The thought was that Indian children, by being placed into boarding schools, would absorb an appreciation for private property, material wealth, the Protestant work ethic, and monogamous nuclear families.

Wish I had a time machine and a machete.


noordinaryspider wrote

For all that's good in the universe, thank you for posting this Rosechild. Destroying families is a very effective way of silencing activists, as anyone who has read anything at all about the Colfax family (Goat Boy Goes to Harvard) already knows.

Your white privilege won't even protect you from a system that does this:

to its own daughters.

I'm not saying you aren't a "real" woman if you don't have a uterus because we all know better than that, I'm just saying that we are still mammals and that we still feel everything a mother bear does when her cubs are threatened and everything a mother dog feels when her litter of "mongrels" and/or "pet quality" failed dog show winning products is drowned.

I wish I could crush ice between my teeth but I'd gladly settle for a seat on that time machine with ziq, a gallon of gasoline, and one of those newfangled "lucifer matches".

/emotion dump


Rosechild wrote

Thank you for your comment like I don’t know how to respond... do you have a riot account because I want to dm you and talk to you


noordinaryspider wrote

Yea, but I can't use it until I figure out how to compile from source. I'm new on hyperbola. You can find me on IRC when I'm on and I'm very much up for one-on-one conversations, I just need you to be aware that there is another noordinaryspider who is a child, so if you don't recognize me from my writing style, just ask. They're cool, just don't expect them to act like an adult because they aren't.