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selver wrote

You don't think that the erosion of trust & general disengagement from the site outweighs ridding the site of one ML? You couldn't have possibly gone about it a better way? Open dialogue instead of underhanded manipulation?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I don't think giving her devoted friends the opportunity to enshrine her permanently as an admin would have been a good idea. They would have won any vote I triggered to remove her powers and it would have legitimized her position and resulted in the site being destroyed like every site MLs take over. I tried to handle it by shifting the 'blame' for removing her powers to my non admin account to avoid the drama. I don't really care if it was underhanded, I have no faith in people to be able to handle being stripped of their power. They've tried real hard to destroy this site for months and it wouldn't have been any different if I had asked their permission to remove her and then done it anyway after all her friends said no.