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ziq OP wrote (edited )

There was no vote to mod or demod her. I appointed her as an emergency measure when we were under heavy brigade without consulting anyone other than emma. I removed her privileges the same way. I wasn't going to ask anyone's permission to take away temporary privs, I'm the one who was legally liable for all the kiddie porn the spammers were posting (site is registered in my name) and I added her to handle the night shift during the brigade to protect myself both legally and health-wise from not being able to sleep because I had to stay up to deal with the constant porn spam. It was really no one else's decision and I never claimed appointing admins was a democracy.

I never banned her.

This thread is addressed to the user that said earlier I have no conscience and their moral code makes them better than me


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

sorry about the wrong vocab, you're right you never banned her, idk why i said that, probably meant banned from admin-ing.

I agree with your decision: it it normal, as an admin, to take decisions that will anger some users. I disagree with the way you handled it, but you prob know that so there isnt much to say anymore.

I missed that one, it probably explains your post then.