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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Making the right choice for me isn't moralistic. If you don't do what you think is best for yourself and your site then what are you doing exactly? Should I make my choices for the 'common good' or whatever? No thanks. I don't even like most people.

I don't need to justify my actions to anyone, that's not what this is about and I should have never fallen into the "forgive me for betraying your impossible moral standards please" trap.

And you're one to talk about moralizing when it's all you do here and all you did on reddit. At least I'm honest that I do what I do because it suits me best and don't try to wrap it up in abusive moralist bullshit like your "I have to protect everyone from you, you evil manipulative sociopath literally Trump you worthless trash destroyer of anarchy so I'm going to follow you around and rant about you for 2 years to protect your innocent brocialist victims" shtick.


rot wrote

I think the concept of what you consider best for yourself is informed by moralistic values and could be considered a type of morality. Self-sacrifice for the "greater good" is held as a moral stance by some. Similarly, individualism is considered a moral value.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Deliberate self interest isn't moral values or literally everything anyone ever does can be described as moral values. It's only moralizing when you pretend you're doing it for pious reasons.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

"I don't need to justify my actions to anyone"

And yet, look how hard you're trying to do so in this thread.

Plus, the main point is that you're acting in a very moralistic sort of way, where you still believe in "right" and see yourself and your actions as righteous, and those that disagree as "other" , against whom all actions are justified.

You're still a huge moralist, and it is even more insidious than most morality because you don't even acknowledge its existence.

As a post leftist myself I'm honestly embarrassed for you and your lack of self awareness in regards to what you're saying and how you are warping an anti-moralistic perspective into a moralistic one in order to justify your actions as "right".

There is no "right".