[Warning: Tankies] A tankie sent me this claiming they had debunked Makhno's Ukraine. bin.disroot.org

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Perhaps my favorite part is them citing articles that claim he didn't conscript and that the kontrrazvedka was for combating the Soviet's own pushes into Ukraine. Its just... amazing. Or, perhaps the truest gem is that of comparing Makhno to Pinochet.

Another cherry on top is this was originally posted to Google docs. I liberated it for your sake.


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ducks_always_lie wrote

I am actually going to die. Makhno is Pinochet. There is no difference between them. You imbecile. you fucking fool

The highlight for me, and what I think neatly illustrates the tone of the entire article, is this:

In contrast to all of this the Bolsheviks did in fact have very similar inner workings a secret police, a pineal system and would often use brutal intimidation tactics, however through all of soviet history there were many active federal newspapers all of which were censored by the party but never outright banned and that's not even mentioning the communal newspapers that were so various in language, origin, and topic that archives are still finding more of them to this day.

Yes. Yes. The soviets had many newspapers. All of which were censored by the party. And they had a secret police and often employed large-scale intimidation. What is your actual point? This makes them sound just as shit, if you are to be believed. How is 'more newspapers' the cherry on the fucking top that makes them better than Makhno's people?

This is a tankie of epic proportions. There wasn't even any real necessity to compare with the Soviet Union- this person just has a hard-on for authoritarianism.

(And if anyone actually needs an explanation for the incredible capacity the Soviets had for MULTIPLE NEWSPAPERS, they were fucking bigger and more centralized. Therefore, more official newspapers. Incredible.)


retiredaccount OP wrote

The Free Territory's Newspaper was written by Nabat, an anarchist confederation, which itself was headed by Voline; Voline being known for later on writing about Makhno being a bastard in many ways. Voline literally fuckin' hated Makhno, its a joke to call it a 'state paper'.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

yeah it's an interesting relationship between them, I tend to agree with Voline about Makhno, that he was a kind of petty warlord, amoral and authoritarian. But the fact that Voline, a harsh critic of Makno was so prominent proves that the Free Territory was not just some private fiefdom of a militia leader but a vibrant, pluralistic political project.


retiredaccount OP wrote

wait why did they bring up stalin

nobody claims it was stalin

it was trotsky

and tankies hate trotsky

im so confused