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I am in a somewhat unique situation. I am an atheist who attends a Unitarian Universalist church, and have worked to become a real member of the community, so much so that I will most likely be elected to President of the governing council, and can have enormous impact on the church and our community.

My question for all of you is, what projects should I look into doing? No bad ideas, just brainstorm.



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suterussu wrote

What does your community need? Don't take this as a rude dismissal of your question or anything, but you should probably be asking them instead of us.


Green_Mountain_Makhno OP wrote

I will be asking them, but from what I know the community needs access to healthy food and affordable housing.

I think some other projects that might be good are:

  1. A Gym or fitness facility/community
  2. A Really Really Free Market
  3. An anarchist library
  4. A place for people to hang out
  5. A place to organize training that would focus on organizations that could support people in crisis without having to call the police

I really want to expand what I'm thinking about though and start with a very wide net and then focus down on what would be most helpful to the liberation of my community.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Creating a space for those sorts of things, as long as access doesn't come with strings attached, sounds like a good idea to me!


tamarack wrote (edited )

This. If a community chooses to entrust a person with leadership, the person so chosen has a responsibility to carry out the will of the community--quite literally, to execute it, to bring it into being. Indeed, this is from whence cometh the term "executive".

OP has a duty to the community which has bestowed its trust, not to us.

That being said, I think it would be a good idea, generally speaking, to pursue ideas which promote both self-governance of the community and mutual aid within it.


Green_Mountain_Makhno OP wrote

The community that is entrusting me wants to help our local community and build real community where people can grow and connect with each other. This is definitely a starting point that radical programs can grow out of without violating the trust or taking advantage of people.


DoormouseJessup wrote (edited )

I would recommend setting up some first aid training while emphasizing the importance of mutual aid. If there is a Red Cross trainer who you're willing to work with, see if they're willing to offer free or reduced cost CPR/AED certificate training. My GDC branch did one and it was very successful. With the reduced cost or free certificates, many low-income people can get jobs that require it and you're circumventing the shitty market of trainers who profit by charging ridiculous amounts for the training (I've seen $150 to $300 in my neck of the woods).

Similarly, I'd recommend hosting Narcan training. When we did it, those of us who could, got kits to donate to the participants who needed them by utilizing our insurance plans. Fortunately, there is a charity in my area who does the training for free and they had enough kits for every person who wanted one. We put put a literature table and had a expert panel discussion afterwards. Again, I felt it was very successful and many people thanks is for putting it on.

The really really free market is done by the local Food Not Bombs and, while I'm not involved, I understand it is very successful as well.


Pop wrote

Start a radical christianity reading group?