How tankies infiltrate groups

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Reposting because the last thread got hijacked by one of my long time stalkers and I'm sick of fighting off brocialists with 3 year old grudges. Especially when they won't admit who they are.



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ziq OP wrote

I've got a whole fucking lot of real world experience trying to organize with tankies around, and trust me, it's not pretty. Most of them actually wouldn't admit openly to being party members. Their idea of organizing is to quietly infiltrate progressive and anti-capitalist groups and push for centralized leadership under their control. They purposely sow distrust, as they consider it justified and necessary in order to accomplish their pseudo-scientific bloodbath of a revolution. They will slander and snitchjacket anyone who sees through them. If you want horror stories, I've got plenty.

The problem is not that they're each individually bad people, but that their ideology necessitates a structured groupthink mentality. This is not incidental to some specific groups, but a manifestation of their opportunistic authoritarian worldview. If you play with them, you will get burned. Just hope it happens sooner than later.


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