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therealmidnite wrote

It's going to require far, far more than diatribes against the authoritarian left to close the huge gaping wound that the left has been haemorrhaging credibility from since 1920. What is required is a complete theoretical consensus to finally and permanently sever the anti-authoritarian from the authoritarian as thoroughly as the anarchist's theoretical understanding of the fascist separates him or her from said fascists. Anarchism has consistently failed to produce such an effective consensus during the last century, and one has to wonder whether such a consensus can be constructed purely in "traditional" anarchist terms - after all, even us anarchists still conform to the practice of aligning our politics according to 200-year old French seating arrangements. Perhaps our politics have grown too dogmatic... I don't know, but I have always suspected that if there's a future for anti-authoritarianism, that future may not necessarily be anarchist.


ziq OP wrote

Perhaps our politics have grown too dogmatic

very much so, especially if we're talking about ancoms who are still using the same guidebook from the dawn of the industrial age.